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Steve Barton

Steve Barton is a Fire Captain, Investor, Stock Trader, Poker Player, Co-host, Pilot, and World Traveller.


Based in Ventura California, Steve spends a good portion of his time fighting fires and saving kittens. He applies his knowledge of risk and bankroll management to all areas of his life, seeing success in professional gambling, investments, and stock trading.

Steve travels around the world, often in his own plane, to learn about new cultures and study how people achieve their notion of success.

Steve co-hosts the show with Daniel to help connect people and get them closer to their financial dreams, build wealth, and live a successful life.

Daniel Garcia

Daniel operates out of Santa Barbara California and enjoys long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners.


When he's not talking stocks with Steve, he is building on his property, expanding his business, practicing Jiu-jitsu, and dreaming up new ways to make money.  

Daniel is the proud owner of Chacho, the 19-year-old Vampire Dog.  Chacho is a medical wonder, having survived almost 2 decades on Twinkies, chocolate, and emotional support from Daniel.  


Daniel co-hosts the show with Steve, helping others achieve their goals.

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