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Steve Barton

Entrepreneur in grade school, I sold sodas to buy my first car.  Bought my first Bitcoin in 2014.  I like hard work, a challenge, and I love to learn.  I like to invest for the long and short term.  My favorites are cash flowing real estate, commodities, and precious metals.  I think this coming wealth transfer will be the thing of legend, and I feel fortunate to be living through it!  We can make a lot of money over the coming years; we simply have to position ourselves for it.  That very topic is what I study at least 4 hours every day.

I interview expert guests and do explainer videos.  My goal is to make this channel a rock solid success.  I want to educate the masses on what is happening in the economy, and how to prosper from it.  I am authentic, genuine, and I want to help anyone I can to be the most successful they can be in everything in life.  Let's do this!


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